4 tips for a magical frosting in Christmas colours

Christmas is the perfect time to bake cookies and cakes as a family.

Shortbread cookies are a classic and easy-to-make recipe for the end of the year party.

Decorating these Christmas cookies with colorful frostings and edible elements will add to the fun and magic of these times.

Here are 4 tips to give your Christmas cookies a festive touch.

Use cookies to give shortbread original shapes

Use different cutters to vary the Christmas cookies

Cookie cutters are one of the most important tools used by bakers to give original shapes to their cakes.

Use them to cut your Christmas cookies in the shape of snowflakes, men, fir trees or even reindeer.

Your shortbread will then take on a magical shape, perfect for the end of the year party.

Make Christmas-themed frostings to decorate shortbread

Christmas shortbread icing
Make Christmas themed shortbread frosting with food coloring

Frosting is one of the best ways to decorate shortbread.

Prepare a white frosting with powdered sugar and a little lemon juice to cover the shortbread and add a touch of color by mixing in cocoa powder or food coloring.

You can thus get red, green or golden shortbread, perfect for Christmas parties.

Add edible elements such as sugar pearls or edible sprinkles

Christmas shortbread decoration
Decorate your Christmas cookies easily

Add sugar pearls, candy pieces, food sprinkles or chocolate shavings to the icing to give your Christmas shortbread a boost.

Both children and adults will be impressed by the presentation of your cookies, and their taste will be even better.

Prepare toppings such as candied fruit or crushed nuts to add crunch and flavor to shortbread

You can also add toppings to your Christmas shortbread to give them more flavor and crunch.

For example, candied fruit would be an excellent decoration to accompany cookies.

You can also add crushed walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts or pistachios to give them character and flavor.

Christmas cookies are a classic and easy-to-make recipe for the end of the year party. Using cookies, silicone molds and icing in Christmas colors to decorate shortbread will give them a festive and magical touch.

You can also add sugar pearls, candied fruit or crushed nuts for more flavor and crunch. Try these tricks and make unique and delicious Christmas cookies.

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