a cat that has been missing for 8 years finds its home

8 years ago Fuschia disappeared. She has just been picked up a few kilometers from her home and found her mistresses.

“A great relief and a great happiness”. After eight and a half years without news of their Fuschia cat, Eva and her mother Valérie found the feline, a 12-year-old British Shorthair.

At the beginning of December, the two Marseillaises received a call from a veterinary clinic in La Fourragère, just a few kilometers from their home. At the end of the queue, the veterinary assistant tells Eva that Fuschia has been found safe and sound.

“She is in good health. Despite everything, we had to adapt her to her old home. Today she is fine, although she is a little scared”, explains Eva to BFM Marseille Provence.

The fuschia cat has found its home eight years after its disappearance.
The fuschia cat has found its home eight years after its disappearance. © BFM Marseille-Provence

Not found at the time

Her disappearance dates back to June 2014 and by then her mistress had moved heaven and earth to try and find her.

“It’s a cat we were looking for. I think I did everything we could to find her: we made a Facebook page, we flooded the neighborhood with posters, in the shops (…) I even paid for advertisements all over Marseille, so that Fuschia’s photo would circulate”, lists Valérie.

Valérie received “dozens of calls” for other cats, but never for Fuschia. Circumstances that lead her to believe that Fuschia did not go alone.

“I’m sure it was stolen from our garden. Our cats are loose in this garden, from which it’s absolutely impossible to escape, and I’m sure it was taken from us,” she adds.

Eight years after this inexplicable disappearance, Fuschia is at least beginning to recover her little habits and allows herself to be hugged and caressed, as before.

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