a €5,000 carbon body kit to improve the efficiency of the Tesla Model 3 and Y

It would seem that with the advent of the electric car, we are also witnessing a new type of customization aimed at improving its efficiency. This is what body kits from ADRO offer.

The Korean brand ADRO (for Aerodynamic Development Race Optimization, quite a program) has just unveiled two new body kits for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y including front blade, rocker panel, diffuser and rear spoiler. Tuning therefore, but beware, quality.

First there is the very high quality material used, so-called dry carbon fiber, that is to say pre-impregnated with resin before weaving and then put in an autoclave oven, as opposed to the wet one where the fiber is assembled. and resin with a vacuum. The result is lighter and stronger, but also much more expensive to produce. This is what you find at the highest level of motorsport.

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Then, far from being purely aesthetic, which we will leave to everyone’s judgement, the design of each of the elements has been entrusted to computational fluid mechanics (CFD) software to both reduce drag, in other words the force that opposes the movement of the car and acts as friction, decreasing performance and efficiency, and increasing downforce to improve grip and, therefore, handling.

To what extent? Probably not enough to really feel either driving a road car: respectively -3.25% and +846N for the Model 3, and -4.4% and +727N for the Model Y. Is it worth the $5,500 (about €5,150) without shipping and installation? For you to say.

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