A future mother disappointed by the choice of first name of her spouse: “He wants to call our baby like his cat”

When looking for a first name, everyone has their own sources of inspiration. Books, films, series, music, loved ones… Sometimes it’s more unlikely than that, as evidenced by a future mother on Reddit. Her spouse simply wants to call their baby after her cat.

A name that he doesn’t really like…

These future parents have been in a relationship for five years and are expecting their first child. “We recently found out it’s a boy”, explains the pregnant woman. With the future dad, they therefore began to look for boy names that they liked. “My husband proposed Max because he really likes this name. I don’t like it but I agreed to consider it because I couldn’t find any other names”she explains.

And who is that of his former cat!

A little later, she and her partner go to see her sister-in-law. When she heard that her brother had proposed the name Max, “she said that was the name of the cat he had with his ex-fiancĂ©e. When they broke up, she took the cat and he never saw her again”. Already that this future mother was not very convinced by the first name, this story finally persuaded her that it would not be that of their baby and she tried to make her spouse understand it.

“When we got home, I told my partner that I wasn’t comfortable naming our first baby after the chat he had with his ex. It seemed like kinda disgusting. He told me I was overreacting. That it’s just a name and it’s not like the cat and the baby are going to meet. I said that’s not the point He shared this cat with his ex it was like their baby and it really hurts me to name our baby after his cat He told me I was overflowing with hormones and I had to stop to be so sensitive. He also said that since I didn’t like the name from the start I was just looking for excuses not to name our baby Max”, says the future mother. An argument followed this discussion, and her partner accused her of being mean on the subject.

When she asks if she is really in the wrong, internet users are quick to reassure her. “It’s not just a first name, it will be your child’s first name and he will keep it all his life. It’s weird that he wanted to name the baby after the cat and he didn’t tell you.”responds one person. “Giving a baby the name of a cat you had with your ex is strange and it seems like the person who wants to do that hasn’t really moved on”, adds someone else. A Redditor also reminds us of something important, namely that the first name must appeal to both parents: “Realistically, it’s not that important that he wants to use his favorite name for his cat and then wants to use it for his baby. However, he’s wrong to react that way to your opinions. You both have to like the name, and if you don’t (and the reason doesn’t matter, you don’t need an excuse) then you have to find something else.”

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