a hunter urges his son to finish off a boar with a knife

A complaint was lodged by an association with the Châlons-en-Champagne court, as well as a report to the Unit for the Collection of Concerned Information from the departmental council.

The video doing the rounds on social networks is highly controversial. In a sequence posted online by a hunter from the Marne in recent days, a small child of about ten is summoned by his father, behind the lens, to finish off a boar surrounded by several dogs with a knife.

The scene takes place during a hunting trip around the town of Vitry-le-François, and on several occasions the father urges his son to act. “Don’t be afraid, hurry quickly […] Stab him in the heart”, he says. The child will run with difficulty under the wild boar’s screams. The latter was still alive despite the child’s stab.

Complaint and report

The case took a new turn when the video was again broadcast by the naturalist and activist Pierre Rigaux on his social network. With the daily The trade unionthe latter explains the reasons for his indignation.

“When you’re a parent, you can’t leave a child with a knife in his hands, like that in a field full of thorns. He’s not safe. He doesn’t look old beyond 10 or 12. We can see that he not feeling well,” he said.

Through his association Nos Viventia, Pierre Rigaux submitted a complaint for a cruel act to the court of Châlons-en-Champagne. He also submitted a report to the Ward Information Collection Unit of the Ward Council. This deals with the abuse of minors.

“I like animals”

For his part” Guillaume, the child’s father, always refutes the accusations of abuse The trade union. “Facts taken out of context, I love animals,” he begins.

“They call me a killer or they say I’m learning to kill. […] Hunting is the tradition here. This knife was given to my son by his grandfather. He said to me himself: ‘Dad, I want to harvest my first wild boar.’ So we did it and not for fun, but also for the good of the animal”, he explains.

In his video, Pierre Rigaux recalls the difficulties of French law regarding the possibility of a minor to participate in a hunt. “We are in a somewhat blurred line between what is permitted and what is not. Hunting is permitted from the age of 15 accompanied by an adult hunter”, he recalls.

It’s just that killing an animal is not considered an act of hunting. In fact, therefore, the father of the family committed no offense by asking his son to finish the animal.

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