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Sat 15 Oct 2022 ▪ 3:00 p.m. ▪
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The developers of Uniswap, the first DEX in the crypto industry, have just made a sensational announcement. Indeed, the decentralized exchange closed an estimated $165 million fundraising round in a Series B funding round. The deal, led by investment firm Polychain Capital, boosts the value of the ‘company. With this new capital, the platform will set up new products, in order to be even more accessible to beginners.

Uniswap raises $165 million

Uniswap raises $165 million to facilitate access to web 3

The rumored Uniswap fundraiser was not a hoax. Despite a devastating crypto bear, investors continue to believe in crypto projects and do not hesitate to invest astronomical sums. The latest example concerns the $165 million that Uniswap Labs has just collected for facilitate everyone’s access to web 3.

This fundraiser has been confirmed by the exchange and it will have a positive impact on the crypto industry. For example, there will be less and less centralized exchanges in favor of decentralized transactions. Remember for all intents and purposes that the Uniswap platform is currently at the top of the ranking of crypto exchanges. It counts, on its own, practically 65% of decentralized transactions made in the market.

In addition, daily transactions from the Uniswap platform are around half a billion dollars. In the announcement made by the exchange, we can read the title Make web 3 accessible to everyone”. The protocol to think of everything and intends to intensify the development of new functionalities that beginners will quickly integrate. The announcement of the fundraising is part of the suite of changes that the platform is currently making.


A day before the fundraiser, it also announced that it wanted to reform its web application. This overhaul will not bring any real changes, as the protocol will remain the same. The only difference is that users will be able to benefit from a lot of real-time crypto information. This will make the swapping experience enjoyable. The fundraiser will give Uniswap the opportunity to release non-fungible tokens or even NFTs.

Source : Uniswap.org

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