a novel written by SpaceX employees, at the origin of their dismissal

If the businessman intends to pose as an ardent defender of freedom of expression, within the framework of his takeover procedure of Twitter, his attitude would be slightly different as soon as he is the target of criticism, which would have led to the dismissal of SpaceX employees, at the origin of an open letter to him.

Sexual harassment, deviant behavior in public, untimely and harmful tweets for the functioning of society, radicalism, so many arguments that would have motivated this publication, in which Elon Musk’s behavior would even be characterized as ” frequent source of distraction and shame for us according to The Verge.

A correspondence addressed to several SpaceX employees so that they are signatories and which would have been very little appreciated by Elon Musk; reaction which goes against the ultra-liberal project that he himself built for Twitter, and which, on the pretext that the document in question did not allow all employees to concentrate on their work , ordered him to purely and simply dismiss the authors.

We have too much essential work to do and don’t need this kind of over-the-top activism we say at SpaceX.

A case generalized to a large part of employees.

However, SpaceX is not an isolated case and at Twitter, the discontent is also palpable among the employees, who adhere neither to its economic model, nor to its way of expressing itself, nor to its political points of view, a stone’s throw from anarchy, which places him alongside Donald Trump on this subject, very close to the initial idea that we had of Twitter when it was launched.

And you have to keep in mind that Twitter is certainly a tool for communication but also for manipulating the market, as Tesla’s share price and the social network have been able to demonstrate recently, after exits from the road or declarations of the CEO, especially since the next American elections are already looming and his support for the ultra-conservative Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is no mystery to anyone.

This lack of reserve is a real concern and slippages should quickly follow one another in the months to come.

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