a prototype spotted with a tiny wiper and a redesigned interior

After several months without making a public appearance, the Tesla Cybertruck was spotted again at an event at an energy storage site. We now know more about Tesla’s progress on its prototype.

Credit: Fabian L. / Twitter

The Tesla Cybertruck recently made an appearance at the Moss Landing Megapack site in California, during the commissioning of the Elkhorn Battery energy storage system. Elkhorn Battery is a new battery energy storage system installation which uses 256 Tesla Megapacks, with a total capacity of 730 MWh. That’s enough to power up to 136,500 homes for several hours during peak demand.

For its opening ceremony on June 6, a Cybertruck Tesla was present to celebrate the event. Jerrett Knapp, of KSBW 8, was able to take some photos of the exterior of the vehicle but especially of the interior of the Cybertruck, which constitutes the first glimpse of its interior since its reveal.

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We finally know what the interior of the Cybertruck looks like

As the images reveal, rather than the marbled finish seen at the unveiling in 2019, the dash now has a more traditional pick-up look. The pedals are visible, and they recall the particular style of the Cybertruck. The steering wheel also resembles that of the next-generation Model S and X.

Tesla Cybertruck interior
Credit: KSBW Action News 8

Seats that don’t appear to have lumbar support were also spotted in the recently previewed vehicle, although that’s something that could be changed when the all-electric pickup goes into production. We also note the absence of cup holders, theno airbag in the center of the steering wheela new infotainment screen, and even some weird big red physical buttons under the screen.

We can also note the presence ofa new wiper on the windshield. This time, instead of a huge model, Tesla opted for a tiny wiper. This is therefore clearly too small to wipe the entire windscreen, and is obviously only intended to ensure that the driver has good visibility in front of him in the event of rain.

The vehicle really looks like a prototype. It will probably take wait a long time before Tesla delivers the first final versionssince the launch is not expected until at least 2023. In Europe, it could be that the wait is even longer, since Tesla recently suspended Cybertruck orders in Europe.

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