A real estate agent offers Tesla Model Y for the purchase of a villa

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To better sell a shiny house, a real estate agent is offering a brand new Tesla Model Y to buyers

As everywhere in the world, the real estate market faces many variations. After a spectacular rise in commodity prices just after the first Covid crises, the assessment is slowly falling. This complicates the task for sellers, both private and professional, who struggle to go to the notary. All means are good to attract buyers, as this Tesla Model Y is offered.

That’s what the real estate agent Barfoot & Thompson promises for this beautiful villa located in Auckland, New Zealand. Listed for $1.8 million (nearly €1.1 million), this 476 m² house offers seven bedrooms, five bathrooms, two kitchens and a two-car garage (including a 5-6-space driveway).

New Tesla + new home = happy wife

It is in the latter that the lucky owners will be able to park their brand new Tesla Model Y: according to the real estate agent, the electric SUV will be ordered immediately after the signing of the purchase deed, which means that buyers can configure the vehicle.

The version of the Model Y is not specified, but it would presumably be the rear-wheel drive version, shown at a price of $76,200 in New Zealand. Or just over 4% of the selling price after a quick financial calculation. But the agency has another connection to mathematics: according to them, a new Tesla + a new house = a happy woman.

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