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The heat waves exhaust you and chewing is beyond your strength? Tajine as a starter, Basque tuna as a main course, clafoutis for dessert… “Libé” has concocted dishes to whistle up.

Successive heat waves have sucked up all of our savoir-vivre. For two months, we have not slept, we can no longer think, nor keep our cool, of course. The slightest annoyance drives us crazy. Even eating becomes a torture, and the effort of chewing, beyond our strength (not to mention the muscles mobilized, making us sweat profusely). What if we became drinkers? Now ingesting our meals with straws (reusable straws, anyway), our bodies would turn into tubes. That’s it, it’s all found. We have the solution. Eating liquid is solving all of humanity’s ills! No more water stress, we stay hydrated by eating. We are satisfied with the water of vegetables, fruits and their juices. No more dishwashing, with its waste of soapy water. Exit cutlery, plates and bowls, glasses are enough. And as we will eat cold, goodbye stoves! In a snap of the fingers, we get rid of our energy dependence on Russia. This is our project, 100% decline − the proof by the menu.

As a starter, a tagine

In terms of weather, countries other than ours have been dealing with the problem of heat for much longer than us. It is therefore in this immaterial and immemorial heritage that it will be necessary to take seed. A liquid tagine, without meat of course, will take us on arid paths without having to take the plane, that old thing that flies. To save the planet, cut an onion and brown it in butter with…

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