a Tesla crashes at more than 110 km / h in a building

The images of the accident are impressive. On May 4, a Tesla crashed into the Columbus Convention Center in Ohio (USA). The car ended up in the building after breaking through the bay window. No casualties were reported.

The driver blames the brakes of the Tesla

The Tesla driver reportedly told officers he was going 70 mph, or about 113 km/h, when the brakes failed. But witnesses would have contradicted this version, indicates Le Parisien. According to them, the motorist accelerated to pass a traffic light and then lost control of his vehicle in a bend.

The Tesla is out of order and the damage caused to the Congress Center is considerable. The cost of the repairs was estimated between 250,000 and 300,000 dollars. If the investigation were to confirm a failure of the electric car, it would be a new blow to the image of the manufacturer. In December 2021, in Paris, a Tesla taxi caused an accident resulting in one death and 19 injuries.

The driver was charged with manslaughter. “He did everything to press the brake pedal which remained blocked”, had confided his lawyer, Me Sarah Saldmann.

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