A wild boar found sleeping on the doormat, the funny encounter between the animal and a father

An Italian found a wild boar sleeping on his doormat on November 23, the animal was taken care of by the competent authorities. In Genoa, legislation requires the slaughter of animals that come into contact with humans to avoid the spread of swine fever.

Some pets are more familiar than others. This Italian father was surprised to find the animal in his home while on his way to work, reports local daily Genova Quotidiana. The picture is unusual, we see the animal lying on the mat, inches from a pot full of children’s umbrellas.

Closed back

The boar was sleeping on the doormat when this Italian found him in his home. He would have followed this father as he returned home the day before and sneaked into his home. It was when he left the apartment to go to work that the man found the animal on his doorstep at around 6.30am.

Esce di casa alle 6:30 e trova un cinghiale sullo zerbino https://t.co/L17L2vEsYC

— GenovaQuotidiana (@GenovaQuotidian) 23 November 2022

Danger: Boar

If the meeting fascinated him, the resident of the apartment was no less frightened. And with good reason, very gregarious, these animals can be dangerous when they feel attacked or to protect their young. Can run easily 20 km/hthey average between 90 and 150 kga certain mass that could prove dangerous in the event of a confrontation.

Nevertheless, the beast that had infiltrated this Italian didn’t seem to pose any real danger as it was visibly very weakened and unresponsive. He contacted the authorities, so the local police had to arrange to evacuate the boar. In accordance with the current legislation in Genoa, he was transported by specialists to the place where he will be euthanasia to prevent the spread of swine fever, which this species often carries.

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