A woman discovers a huge hunting spider hidden in the handle of her car door

We have all had more or less traumatic experiences with spiders. And usually, it always happens when you least expect it. Sometimes that’s not a problem, just get them out of the house. But other times, the only solution might just be to kill them.

If you live in Australia or you spend your holidays there, you have a good chance of meeting people there that you would do without. Just like this woman who discovered a huge spider hidden in her car door handle while trying to open it.

What’s even scarier is that this spider has been identified as a hunter spider.

hunter spider

There are over 155 species of hunter spiders in Australia and some can be the size of dinner plates!

On her way to her car, Christine Jones says she was about to open her door when she noticed something. At first she thought the spider’s legs were just little hairy caterpillars. After taking a better look, she was about to touch when she realized at the last second that it was a giant hunter spider.

However, although this spider is particularly intimidating in size and appearance, it is not really dangerous to humans. Of course, it is poisonous and can make a person sick if left untreated. But the hunting spider prefers to feed on cockroaches, insects and sometimes other spiders.

This spider will rarely attack humans and will most likely try to run away if you approach it.

hunter spider
Image credits: Christine Jones | Facebook

Due to its brownish-gray color, the huntsman spider tends to like to hide under bark and other dark holes it can find. Sometimes these spiders choose to snuggle up in a car door handle. If you look at those pictures again, this spider was probably trying to take a good nap.

It is called the hunter spider because instead of making large, elaborate webs, it physically stalks its prey. It uses its venom and powerful mandibles to devour its prey. She is very fast and can jump long distances.

How to handle a huge spider

If you come across a hunter spider, you can treat it like you would any other spider. Instead of trying to use a broom to chase away the huge spider, find a container big enough to put it in.

Then use a sturdy piece of paper or something strong enough to close the bottom. Once it’s blocked, you can safely put it out the huge. It’s also important to seal all openings in your home, as the hunter spider has a very flat body, allowing it to sneak in anywhere.

Why shouldn’t you kill a hunter spider? First of all, because they are not as dangerous as you think. In fact, they are among the most docile species of spiders. Males and females engage in a long courtship before mating.

And once fertilized, the female will find a nice hiding place for her eggs. This may be the only time a hunter spider can become aggressive. As mothers are very protective of their young, they will watch their eggs closely until they hatch.

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