“Absolute freedom of speech always benefits the far right”

The bird is released. It was by tweeting these few words on October 28 that Elon Musk confirmed that he had officially taken control of Twitter. As early as April, he had justified his desire to acquire the social network with his attachment to absolute freedom of expression, free from any obstacle. But two months after its final takeover of the company, the deception of these declarations already appears spectacular. During this period he actually behaved like a censor allergic to any form of protest.

In recent weeks, well-known journalists from CNN, the washington post or New York Times saw their accounts brutally suspended by Twitter management. All had had the audacity to criticize Elon Musk and challenge the decisions made since he came to head the company.

At the same time, the new CEO explicitly threatened his employees with legal action if they revealed information about his handling of Twitter. Platform users themselves are not immune to similar retaliatory measures: on December 16, in complete contradiction to Elon Musk’s original commitments, Twitter even announced that accounts suspected of promoting other social networks may be blocked or removed.

It is true that most of these measures were only temporary and can be seen as a reflection of the unpredictable personality of Tesla’s founder. After two months of chaotic and provocative management, he has also announced that he intends to leave the operational management of Twitter as soon as possible. In the meantime, he will have succeeded in bringing an already structurally loss-making company to the brink of financial suffocation.

Anti-Semitic remarks

However, it would be wrong to assess Twitter’s latest development as purely incoherent: Behind Elon Musk’s passions is actually the far right’s eternal strategy towards the media.

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Logically, the freedom of speech promised by the new CEO only benefits this ideological camp. True, Musk immediately staged his desire to restore accounts that had been suspended by the previous leadership, starting with Donald Trump’s. But in doing so, it allowed the spread of homophobic, conspiratorial and anti-Semitic remarks, since the personalities who returned to Twitter mainly belonged to the conspiratorial galaxy or to figures from the American alt-right.

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