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Together, they combine decades of experience in the financial markets. Stéphane Ceaux-Dutheil in French, Seth Julian in English, to name but a few, form a solid and unique community of experts. Varied profiles, common vocation: this community of experts contributes to making Alvexo a privileged universe in which traders can not only trade, but also understand what they are doing, through tutorials and detailed chartist analyses. Alvexo’s vision is indeed to restore knowledge to traders in a thorough, but above all, accessible way.

Ebooks, webinars and live streams: educational tools

The means of disseminating knowledge have become numerous and traders can quickly find themselves inundated with obsolete, even dubious information. Sorting is required. It is at this stage that the insights of the Alvexo experts prove invaluable. They publish monthly eBooks that sift through some of the most interesting assets to follow with a dual approach, both macro and chart. In-depth analyzes sent to customers also make it possible to draw a more or less long-term market trend. The experts also highlight some of the trading tools that can help build a strategy, and an investment plan.

To get even more into the heart of the matter and the details, the Alvexo community of experts hosts webinars and live streams several times a month – and in several languages. Speculative bubbles or safe havens, volatile assets vs stable values, equity markets, commodities, cryptocurrencies and other indices… none of the subjects dear to traders are left behind. The advantage of a webinar is its format. It allows graphs and trends to be described with precision, using annotations visible on the screen. As if you were sharing the same room.

Gray matter… the raw material of Alvexo

This focus on transmitting knowledge to clients and traders has not gone unnoticed. This year, the Alvexo platform and its experts were honored at the UK Investor Show, high mass for the trading community in the United Kingdom, but also in Germany at the Stuttgart Invest Show. Alongside Seth Julian, renowned experts such as Roland Ullrich and Frank Sohlleder represented Alvexo to the hundreds of speakers from the world of finance, who made the trip especially.

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