an American orders a burger without ingredients and is delivered an empty package

An American netizen had fun ordering a cheeseburger without ingredients at McDonald’s. Then he received an empty package.

It’s a rather special cheeseburger ordered by Rob DenBleyker at McDonald’s in the US. This American netizen had fun getting a sandwich delivered without any ingredients. “No mustard”, “no ketchup”, “no onion”, “no pickles”, “no cheese”, “no meat” and “no salt”, we can read in the screenshot of the order that he shared on Twitter on Tuesday December 20.

A “McNothing”

“Are they going to cancel it? Deliver an empty bag?” asks the customer. He then receives a message from the delivery platform informing him that “the restaurant is confused” about what he just ordered. A few minutes later, the internet user shares a picture of his order. “They delivered an empty box!!!!” exclaims Rob DenBleyker, video of the unwrapping of his order in support.

This sandwich would have cost the internet user $1.89, according to the screenshot of his order. With postage and a $6 tip, the delivery cost him a total of $15. “My local McDonalds pays its staff $15 an hour. I’m a job creator,” he joked on Twitter. “I also saved a cow’s life by ordering a McNothing instead of a burger,” he said.

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