An association denounces the presence of a polar bear in the heat wave at the Wild World (video)

In a video, released that day by Wolf Eyes, an association that campaigns against the confinement of animals, we can see a polar bear lying in the shade offered by a tree. “In Monde Sauvage, to my knowledge, there is no refrigerated place, just a pseudo-tundra made up of a few trees and a lawn. We are far from the real tundra. Exhibiting polar animals in our country for commercial purposes is the most despicable thing”, criticizes Jean-Michel Stasse, the president of the Liège association.

“Why put these animals through this? You are complicit in this abuse. You are no better than these jailers,” he wrote to Walloon Animal Welfare Minister Céline Tellier in a Facebook post.

The multiple images taken at Monde Sauvage, and shared on the ASBL’s Facebook page, have earned Jean-Michel Stasse a trial. In May, he was ordered to pay a symbolic 1 euro.

An anti-zoo demonstration last March

On Sunday March 13, Place Saint-Lambert in Liège hosted a life-size zoo, at the instigation of the non-profit organization “Wolf Eyes” for a peaceful demonstration. The event was already intended to “show all the problems in zoos”


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