An Australian Shepherd breeder before the Lisieux court for ill-treatment

The Stéphane Lamart association has filed a complaint against an Australian Shepherd breeder. ©Pixabay

An Australian Shepherd breeder from Cambremer (Calvados) will appear this Monday, June 13, 2022 before the court in Lisieux (Calvados) for bad treatments. The association for the defense of animals Stéphane Lamart has filed a civil action and will be represented by Maître Christophe Gérard.

An owner’s report

According to the association, the facts took place between May 21, 2017 and May 27, 2020. On May 22, 2019, it received the report of an owner a 7-month-old Australian Shepherd puppy named “Micha”, which she had bought the day before from this kennel for the sum of €500.

“She was then returning from the veterinarian who had noted that the puppy was not not in good health : otitis, a problem in the right paw which required osteopathic follow-up, muscle atrophy, areas devoid of hair, scabs on the neck, a state of significant thinness and very bad blood tests due to malnutrition . The puppy also had behavioral problems: he was very fearful, especially with men and children. In addition, no identification paper, vaccination record or certificate of good health of the animal was given to the owner by the breeder, which calls into question the administrative obligations of the latter”, details the association in a press release.

The association files a complaint

“Indignant”, the association files a complaint for ill-treatment. Controls would have been carried out on May 25 and 27, 2020 by the departmental directorate for the protection of the populations of Calvados at breeding in order to verify its conformity. “The first observation was that the maternity ward was completely dark and the floor was strewn with urine. The dogs looked fearful. The door of one of the puppy parks no longer closed and was unattended, one of the puppies ran away during the check. Several enclosures were non-compliant and extremely dirty with many dried excrements and urine”, continues the association.

The hearing before the Lisieux court will take place this June 13 at 9 a.m.

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