animated by “a bad feeling”, Elon Musk tightens the bolts

If Tesla intends to embody the ultimate in automotive technology, the Californian manufacturer, on the other hand, seems much less progressive in terms of work.

Let’s say that Elon Musk, the charismatic boss of the sign, that of Space X too, and the one who also wishes to buy Twitter, with certainly less ease than expected, has just banged his fist on the table, rather heavily…

Finished the “home office” at Tesla, otherwise … the door!

In an email sent internally last Tuesday, the latter demands that its executives return to the office without delay behind their professional screens, asking them to be present at their workplace at least 40 hours a week. Otherwise, to quote the man who has become the richest on the planet in a few years: “If you don’t come back to work, we’ll consider you quit. » Clearly, come back, otherwise it’s the door…!

This announcement, which comes as abruptly as the whistle at the end of recess, is visibly struggling to pass among employees. It did not take long to provoke an outcry from the unions, particularly in Germany where Tesla has its enormous European factory in Grünheide, the “Tesla Gigafactory-Berlin-Brandenburg”, which produces the Model Y, SUV of intermediate size.

There, the historic and powerful federal union IG Metall immediately flew to the aid of the 4,000 local employees by telling them that if they intended to oppose Elon Musk’s anti-telework measure, they would obviously strongly supported in their protest.

Stop recruits and drop 10% in the workforce

Behind this thinly veiled threat and this demand for a return to the office, the boss of Tesla seems to be preparing his workforce for a much more general turn of the screw. Last Thursday, in fact, Elon Musk hinted at an even less encouraging measure.

In a new internal memo, he expressed concern about the global economic outlook (referring to a ” very bad feeling “). A gloomy vision of the future which leads him to want on the one hand to pause recruitment everywhere in the world and on the other hand, to reduce the workforce by 10%. A decision which may seem surprising and which again, will undoubtedly cause misunderstanding.

Recall that Tesla has experienced dazzling growth in its payroll over the past three years. The group currently employs nearly 110,000 employees, up from around 48,000 in 2019, according to online portal Statista. It also claims a turnover of more than 18 billion euros in the first quarter of 2022, which corresponds to an increase of 81% compared to the first three months of 2021.

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