Apple Music in Teslas for Christmas?


by David

After Spotify and Tide, You are here is adding Apple Music aboard their vehicles. Remember, drivers have been asking for said music streaming platform for years.

In Los Angeles, Tesla organized an exhibition to present several prototypes of the brand, including one Roadster and one cyber truck.

At the museum, some visitors have noticed the presence of Apple Music in some vehicles on display. And to top it all off, the music streaming platform is fully functional on the infotainment system.

At this time, Tesla has yet to add a working version of Apple Music to its vehicles. In the coming weeks, the American company can implement the news on a large scale. So far, it’s limited to just a few show vehicles.

According to some analysts, Tesla would have planned the implementation of Apple Music on its vehicles before the holidays. Elon Musk’s company could take advantage of the traditional “holiday update” to reveal this news to the public.

As a reminder, the company of the American billionaire has already adapted its infotainment system to more easily manage multiple streaming music apps and, above all, to let drivers quickly access the one they prefer.

What do you think ? Would Tesla be wise to add Apple Music to its vehicles?

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