Ariège: The Nòu Ariège-Pyrénées brand launches 100% Ariège dishes in restaurants

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On Tuesday 6 December, the 100% Nòu Ariège-Pyrénées dishes were launched thanks to the partnership between the Don Camillo restaurant and the brand. Another step towards Nòu’s desire to brand restaurants in the department to promote local products.

It was in the boxes for several weeks, it is now launched. On Tuesday 6 December, the brand Nòu Ariège-Pyrénées and Don Camillo officially announced their collaboration on the launch of a 100% Noù dish in an Ariège restaurant.

This is a great first for the young brand, which stands for the know-how and quality of Ariège products. “From the start, our primary ambition has been to fly the department’s colors high,” says Philippe Lacube, chairman of the governance association for the Nòu brand.

To provide a virtuous synergy for the territory, the president and partners of the Nòu brand have the ambition to structure long sectors (which currently represent 75% of agriculture) and completely Ariège. For this, a partnership between manufacturers with the Nòu brand and restaurateurs was essential.

A shared desire to promote Ariège products

At the beginning of September, Philippe Lacube already mentioned this desire to brand restaurants and shops in Ariège during a press conference on the financing of the brand. It’s now a project officially, thanks to this partnership, calling for others.

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On Wednesday, all the local elected officials in attendance came to taste the two 100% Noù dishes created and put on the menu by the manager of the Don Camillo restaurants in Foix and Pamiers, Joël Palmerio. This child from Saverdun, an artisan pizza maker for more than 30 years, started using the brand’s products quite naturally: “I have long wanted to make a dish with only Ariège products.” For the record, Joël Palmerio had already launched a complete Ariège pizza in February 2019, but Covid-19 and the closure of restaurants had put an end to this test.

Joël Palmerio with the two 100% Nòu dishes in his hands.
DDM – Damien Souille

But when he heard about the marketing of Nòu flour from the flour mill “Les Moulins Pyrénées” and when he saw the launch of the Nòu baguette, the manager of Don Camillo could not miss the opportunity to reconnect with this desire to highlight Ariège and its products. “I went to borrow some flour from the baker next to my restaurant in Foix to do some tests two months ago. Since then I have made a “L’Estive” pizza and “Coeur Ariégeois” ravioli for all my other pizzas, the dough is made from this Ariège flour”.

For these two Ariège creations, the manager of Don Camillo uses fresh cream from the Biochamps dairy (Lézat-sur-Lèze), cheeses from the Col del Fach producer (Loubières) and honey from the D’esclarmonde apiary (Lavelanet).

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The Nòu brand continues to grow

This partnership between Don Camillo and Nòu now calls for others. At least that is the ambition of Philippe Lacube and all the brand’s employees, especially since the 100% Nòu dishes prepared by Joël Palmerio arrived earlier than expected, but the shared desire was too strong to wait. Now that this new step has been taken, Nòu Ariège-Pyrénées wants to shift gears. “From January 2023 we will work on the specifications so that from next summer we can label restaurants, but also companies that use our beautiful Ariège products,” says Philippe Lacube.

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The Nòu brand therefore continues to develop and become known. Other projects are underway and may become reality in the coming weeks and months, such as the creation of a meat sector or the purchase of commercial premises in the department (in Foix or Pamiers) and in the Toulouse region to highlight the brand’s products, but also for to promote Ariège.

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