At Twitter’s headquarters, employees confused by Elon Musk’s outbursts

The Art Deco building that houses Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. David Odisho/AFP

REPORTAGE – Between chaos, uncertainty and disappointment, the employees who survived the massive layoffs when Elon Musk arrived are working as best they can.

Special Envoy to San Francisco

A funny atmosphere reigns at the headquarters of Twitter. Around this complex of two buildings installed on Market Street, in the heart of San Francisco, an Art Deco juggernaut and a modern cube connected by a glass walkway, prowl police cars, groups of homeless people and vigils mandated by the management.

What are you doing here, what business brought you to San Francisco?asks a guard on the lookout for intruders. No answer seeming to satisfy him, he pushes the questioning further. “It’s that we had a really complicated day yesterday“, he ends up letting go, without saying more.

If the guards at Twitter HQ are on their toes, it’s because there’s a lot of traffic in this hall adjacent to the one where, on October 26, Elon Musk made his entrance, a sink in his arms. On the ground floor of the Art Deco building is Northern Ducks, a bar and restaurant wreathed in red glows. According to the bartender, this is where Twitter employees, at least…

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