OKX Lite Is Here To Make Crypto Trading And Earnings Easier Than Ever

VICTORIA, Seychelles, September 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OKXthe second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, today announced the launch of OKX Litea streamlined version of its trading app that allows users to buy, sell, trade, and operate their crypto with ease. With a more streamlined look and feel than the version for experienced traders, … Read more

future European leader in the charging market?

Allego has set itself the task of dealing with a problem that has become recurrent for more and more electromobilists: having the possibility of recharging an electric vehicle (EV) where and when it is needed. The company therefore aims to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility in Europe by providing the infrastructure that will make … Read more

the advantages of automatic trading

As the name suggests, an automated trading system is a mechanism that allows an equity investor to create rules for trading various assets and derivatives in such a way that the trading is done through a computer. You only have to define the entry and exit rules of a transaction, and the algorithm takes care … Read more

its 3rd generation charger arrives in France

No need to go through border countries to be able to recharge your electric vehicle at home. Tesla markets its 3rd generation wall connector in France. For months France was deprived of the 3rd generation wall connector of the Tesla brand. A supply story would have prevented the Californian brand from delivering its charger to … Read more

photos of the new prototype surface

Tesla’s Cybertruck is not ready to go into production, but since its official presentation in 2019, the electric pickup has welcomed several modifications. Indeed, photos of the new prototype are currently circulating on the web. The opportunity to observe the changes made by the manufacturer. Credits: Tesla Owner’s Club Since its official presentation in 2019, … Read more

Singapore’s largest bank rolls out crypto trading to 100,000 users

Development Bank of Singapore DBS rolled out crypto trading for 100,000 users. The crypto trading service was previously limited to corporate clients, family offices and DBS private banking clients. DBS recently announced a foray into the metaverse through a partnership with Sandbox. Singapore’s largest bank has rolled out crypto-trading services, extending them to 100,000 of … Read more

Over a Million Teslas Recalled

For several months, Tesla, which then appeared as a prodigy of automotive technology, has been in the spotlight because of multiple recalls. So much so that the authorities of the United States, represented in this case by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the equivalent of our Ministry of Transport) keep a permanent eye … Read more