A dog living on the top floor of a ruined house receives a visit that will change her life forever

© Stray Rescue of St. Louis/Facebook Do you like stories with happy endings? Woopets has unearthed one that will certainly meet your expectations. In Saint-Louis, in the United States, a skinny dog ​​living alone in an abandoned house had a life-saving encounter. That day, his life took a decisive turn. Today we are going to … Read more

Elon Musk extends semi-autonomous driving to 100,000 Tesla but still not for Europe

Try Elon Musk expands semi-autonomous driving to 100,000 Tesla but still not for Europe? Configure your vehicle Elon Musk extends semi-autonomous driving to 100,000 Tesla but still not for Europe or request a free trial. It has now become a habit to discover the evolutions of Tesla models on Elon Musk’s Twitter account between two … Read more

Outings – Leisure | Video – From the land to the plate #3: in Avignon, mushrooms come out of the cellar of La Mirande

For the past two years, shiitakes, gray and pink oyster mushrooms have been coming out of the cellar of the Avignon restaurant La Mirande. Three varieties of mushrooms that the starred chef Florent Pietravalle has selected and grown in this space rich in humidity and poor in light to supply his kitchen with extra-fresh mushrooms … Read more

USD/CAD: the greenback is approaching an important support against the Canadian dollar

The greenback could soon regain control against the Canadian dollar USD/CAD has been tumbling for several weeks after rallying to an over-year high in May, but the greenback may soon rebound as it nears important support at around 1.2450. USD/CAD has fallen around 4% in recent weeks on support from oil prices to the Canadian … Read more

What will happen to the stray dogs and cats of Algiers? Brigitte Bardot is worried!

Stray dogs and cats in Algeria have been victims since the middle of the 19th century of a cruel practice known as “Galoufa” which consists of capturing animals in the streets and killing them brutally. The animals, once captured, are transferred to the headquarters of the government institution, crammed into cages and left for days … Read more