a protected species that could disappear within a few years

Posted on 06/09/2022 22:11 Article written by L.Legendre-Trousset, J.Wild, A.Dupont, F.Simoes, A.Da Silva, J.Cohen-Olivieri – France 2 France Televisions The hedgehog is a protected species whose presence along our roads is becoming increasingly rare. It could even disappear within a few years if nothing is done, according to scientists. Report alongside an association that comes … Read more

released in 2020, a monstrous specimen weighing 650 kg and 4 meters long resurfaces (VIDEO)

A titanic shark has been sighted off the coast of Florida. Preliminarily marked, this sea monster emits a signal as soon as it approaches the surface. OCEARCH, an NGO which regularly conducts research on sharks, indicates that one of its beacons has just detected the presence of an imposing shark near Port Sainte-Lucie, in the … Read more

Putin’s campaign destroyed by Elon Musk’s Starlink according to an American general – La Nouvelle Tribune

The offensive in Ukraine experienced an unexpected turn for the Russians after the entry into play of star link ofElon Musk. This is essentially the message that a high-ranking American wanted to convey in confidences made to several American media including Politico. Starlink, the satellite Internet service of SpaceXplayed a crucial role in the defense … Read more

Two employees of the American confectioner Mars rescued after falling into a vat of chocolate

The accident took place this Thursday in a factory in Pennsylvania, in the northeastern United States. The firefighters quickly intervened. Two employees of the American confectionery giant Mars Wrigley have been rescued after mysteriously falling…into a giant vat of chocolate, media reported on Thursday. The accident occurred this Thursday afternoon in the factory of the … Read more