“Being buried with your favorite animal, good news for zoophiles”

Guest of Amandine Bégot on Thursday 8 December, Marine Le Pen stayed for chronicle by Philippe Caverivière. “Marine is our favorite guest at Matinale“, assures the columnist about the chairman of the RN group in the assembly. It is a habit Philippe Caverivière took again his cats on the occasion of the arrival of Marine Le Pen.

The candidate in the last presidential election said she was in favor of a bill that would allow people to be buried with their cat or dog. “Being buried with your favorite animalIt is a good news for our zoophile friends who will be able to sleep huddled together with their great love”, notes the columnist.

Philippe Caverivière returns to the proposal of Gérald Darmanin and Olivier Dussopt, who want to create a residence permit for traders under pressure. “What is a profession under pressure? It is a professions that have difficulty recruitingas a lingerie seller in Doha, a gay club manager in Kabul, a sex shop owner in Riyadh or a drag queen in Kuwait City”.

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