Beware of these fraudulent online trading platforms, active on the Belgian market

The Financial Markets Authority (FSMA) has received complaints in recent weeks about new fraudulent online trading platforms active on the Belgian market. These platforms place fake advertisements on social networks to lure their victims or use mobile applications. “After clicking on the advertisement or downloading the mobile application and providing their contact details, the victims generally quickly receive a phone call from the scammers who present them with a concrete investment proposal (in shares, in alternative investment products, in virtual currencies, etc.). These platforms act very aggressively“, warns the FSMA.

Victims report never being able to recover the money they invested, or no longer hear from the platform on which they invested money.

The FSMA strongly advises against following up on offers of financial services from some forty new platforms. The AMF recommends that investors always check the identity of the company offering them an investment (corporate name, country of establishment, registered office, etc.) and to check, on the FSMA website, whether a company has required approvals.

Here is the complete list of suspicious structures:

  • Agartha Asset Management
  • Antarimarkets
  • Apex500
  • Brokeragea
  • Calliber
  • Capital Professional Reserve
  • Blue Concept
  • Cryptosaving
  • CTmatador
  • EJMarkets
  • Europa Trade Capital
  • EuroTrade
  • PurposesRoyal
  • Foxane
  • fxpoint
  • Glenrocks
  • Globalxtrades
  • High Capital
  • Introtrade
  • Infinity4x
  • Kardon Capital
  • LPLeurope
  • LPL Invest
  • Oriontero
  • Slimhandel
  • Soltechx
  • Standpoint Finance
  • Ti-GI
  • Top Capital 24
  • Towards Source
  • Traderhouse
  • Trade Horizon
  • Trends Turbo
  • ualgo
  • World Markets
  • Word Wide Brokers
  • x-tradebrokers

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