Bitbns Partners with Tradeton; Aims to Facilitate Automated Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitbns has partnered with Tradetron, an algorithm automation platform, to facilitate automated crypto trading for its traders and investors. With this strategic partnership, Bitbns aims to empower its users to automate their investment strategies while facilitating seamless trading and investing in the digital asset class.

According to Gaurav Dahake, Founder and CEO of Bitbns, the partnership with Tradetron will offer users the proposition to benefit from a systemic approach to active trading rather than being driven by emotions. “By following a defined set of instructions regarding price, quantity, timing, among others, this trading mechanism has the potential to help build discipline in trading. Additionally, the platform will help build the confidence of retail investors who can now bet on a computer program to use smart trading while opting for the strategy that suits them best,” he added.

Automated trading, also known as algo trading, is the process of using computers programmed to follow a defined set of instructions to place a trade in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency impossible for a trader human. According to the company, the advantage of automated trading is that users can execute a particular crypto trading transaction on multiple indicators, including a target price.


The company further claimed that algo trading empowers strategy creators by allowing them to automate their strategies and make them available to investors and traders around the world. For Umesh Ranglani, CEO of Tradetron Inc, crypto as an instrument has two specific properties that make it ideal for automated trading; Its volatility and the fact that it is a 24-hour trading window. “We look forward to partnering with Bitbns as our premier crypto partner. As the ecosystem deepens, stable, reliable and profitable strategies will emerge that one can trade to take bets with an edge on their side,” he pointed out.

Tradetron is a multi-asset, multi-currency, multi-exchange that allows strategy builders to create trading algorithms using a web-based strategy builder. Once users have created the algorithm, it can be listed on exchanges where investors can subscribe to it and perform these trades in their existing brokerage accounts.

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