C tonight – Elon Musk: a billionaire against democracy? streaming – Replay France 5

How far will Elon Musk, the richest man in the world, and new boss of the social network Twitter, which he buys out in the name of freedom of expression, go? So should we be happy or worried? Is freedom of expression with Elon Musk sauce synonymous with freedom of speech or the red carpet for conspiratorial or far-right content? Finally, should we be afraid of the omnipotence of Elon Musk and a handful of multi-billionaires who tend to replace States?

Guests :

Asma Mhallaspecialist in digital geopolitical issues, teacher at Sciences Po and École polytechnique

Daniel Coheneconomist, president of the Paris School of Economics, author of “Homo numericus” published by Albin Michel (01/09/22)

Julia Cageeconomist, professor of economics at Sciences Po Paris, co-author with Benoît Huet of “Information is a public good – Refounding media ownership” published by Seuil (18/02/2021)

Anthony Mansuyjournalist at Society, author of the article “Muskocracy” (05.22)

Nathan Deversnovelist, author of “Artificial links” published by Albin Michel (17.08.22)

Camille’s List :

“The Foundation Cycle” by Isaac Asimov published by Folio SF

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