Can Elon Musk track fake accounts on Twitter?

At the same time, real authentic and certified accounts have pretended to be… Elon Musk, in order to make fun of the billionaire. This Friday, November 11, at least a dozen profiles were still active, according to observations from TF1info. Which shouldn’t last forever: On November 7, American actress Kathy Griffin was banned from Twitter for the same joke. Aware of the problem, Twitter wants to make it harder for Twitter Blue followers to change their display name after receiving a blue badge, as noted by Time.

Nevertheless, the cacophony is total on the social network, and that misinformation is all the more present. A situation summarized by a user’s tweet : “Elon Musk is ugly. You know it’s true because this tweet says official.” But then, can we estimate this proliferation of fake profiles on Twitter? Contacted, Twitter France did not answer us on this subject. This is what Emilio Ferrara, associate professor of computer science at the University of Southern California and man assigned to this task by Elon Musk, will have to determine in any case.


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