A German Shepherd dog imitates Pongo, from “101 Dalmatians”, for fun! (video)

Published on 08/08/2022 at 7:21 p.m. While watching 101 Dalmatians, her favorite cartoon, for the umpteenth time, this German Shepherd dog is caught imitating Pongo! © daisygirlgsd / TikTok It often happens that dogs recognize their congeners when they appear on television. Sometimes they even manage to identify other canines in the cartoons. Daisy was … Read more

Beluga in the Seine: “The marine mammal will be brought back to the English Channel” announced the state services without giving more details immediately

7:52 p.m .: The marine mammal will be brought back to the Channel, announces Le Parisien. The State services, which have been working in collaboration with a scientific committee and have met twice a day since the beginning of this unprecedented presence in the river, announced at the end of the day a transport operation … Read more

A rare hummingbird last seen in 2010 photographed in Colombia

During a recent conservation mission in Colombia, ornithologist Yurgen Vega photographed a Sabrewing Santa Marta, a species of large hummingbird thought to be extinct since 2010, reports The Guardian Friday. This endemic bird of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain is indeed critically endangered, according to IUCN criteria, due to the progressive destruction of … Read more

breed, name, region… the composite portrait of the favorite cat of the French

This figure has been increasing for several years. The I-Cad file, which lists pet identifications, recorded more than one million cat identifications in 2021, a figure up 12% from 2020. European cats, or European shorthair, represent almost all identifications. It is indeed the most common breed of cats in our latitudes and it is, moreover, … Read more

Do cats really see at night? Are redheads always male? We have disentangled the true from the false

Monday, August 8 marks International Cat Day. The little feline has clearly won the hearts of the French, since there are 14 million of them in the country, almost twice as many as dogs. However, the cat remains a rather mysterious animal, on which knowledge continues to evolve. Let’s lift the veil on some surprising … Read more