no, his cars would not be “autonomous”

Our colleagues from the Los Angeles Times, who had access to the complaints filed on July 28, have been repeating the terms since last Friday. Thus, the DMV, the authority in charge of motor vehicles in California, filed a complaint against the car manufacturer Tesla, for having “made or disseminated false or misleading statements, and … Read more

Hubert Tuillier: “I tend to consider that today, for a French club, trading income is part of traditional income”

In Sport in France, Hubert Tuilliersports economist for KPMG France, a sports consulting firm, spoke about investment funds, and considered that trading should today be considered as traditional income. “Today, when we work with investment funds, we work with clubs, and there is a methodology that is still accepted by everyone, it is multiples in … Read more

what deterioration after 320,000 km?

The owner of a Tesla Model X has traveled 320,000 km at the wheel of his electric vehicle. A distance traveled which had a minimal impact on the capacity of the battery, corresponding to the figures put forward by the manufacturer. A battery that withstands the pangs of distance traveled – Credit: YouTube Out of … Read more