Tesla dreams, MG does it!

In March 2021, MG put on a show by presenting an electric roadster that made the link with the small English cars of yesteryear, like the MG A and the MG B. If it was officially only a concept car, the reaction of the public was such that the leaders asked the engineers to work … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) trading: This technique used by professional traders to make profits, even when the price of BTC is stable!

Typically, traders rely on leveraged futures positions which are very sensitive to forced liquidations. However, Bitcoin options trading offers great opportunities for investors aiming to maximize their gains while limiting their losses. Using multiple call (call) options can create a strategy able to generate returns six times greater than the potential loss. Moreover, these can … Read more

Bitcoin: Goldman Sachs in talks with FTX for crypto trading

Disturbing license – The FTX cryptocurrency exchange could forge a strategic partnership with Goldman Sachs. This collaboration would eventually allow the crypto platform to compete with derivatives intermediaries in traditional finance. This scenario cannot be ruled out, given the stock market’s projects that go beyond the borders of the cryptosphere. FCM license soon in hand … Read more

training and investing in cryptocurrencies

Through its platform and its French-speaking community, Le Trading du Coin now offers several training courses dedicated to crypto-currencies, as well as an automated investment system that is both transparent and secure. Despite their bad press, cryptocurrencies are on the rise today; the share of French people who have invested in cryptocurrencies has thus just … Read more

Beware of these fraudulent online trading platforms, active on the Belgian market

The Financial Markets Authority (FSMA) has received complaints in recent weeks about new fraudulent online trading platforms active on the Belgian market. These platforms place fake advertisements on social networks to lure their victims or use mobile applications. “After clicking on the advertisement or downloading the mobile application and providing their contact details, the victims … Read more