Stuck in his burning Tesla, he breaks the window because he does not know how to open the door manually

When his Tesla caught fire, the doors and windows no longer responded to opening commands. The driver of the vehicle came to break the window to escape from his burning vehicle. Even if the electronics are faulty, there is still a manual opening possible. More and more models use electronic controls for opening the front … Read more

Markets. What is Forex trading?

Without necessarily being an expert in Forex, you can grow savings, for example, by earning money on the fluctuation of exchange rates. It’s not a bad idea. Many companies carrying out foreign exchange transactions every day (investment in projects abroad, purchase of raw materials, collection of income related to sales abroad, etc.), exchange rates are … Read more

Bitcoin Held On Trading Platforms Continues To Fall, Over 68% Of Total Held By 5 Exchanges – Bitcoin News

Amid market carnage related to recent Terra products, bitcoins sent to exchanges saw a brief spike on May 7, jumping more than 2% from 2,481 million to 2,532 million bitcoins. Despite the recent surge in bitcoins sent to trading platforms, the number of bitcoins on exchanges today remains lower than ever. Bitcoin continues to be … Read more

the Great Autonomy and Performance increase

New price increase for the Tesla Model 3. The Long Autonomy and Performance versions are respectively displayed at €59,990 and €64,990. The price of Tesla continues to soar. After three consecutive increases in less than a month, which increased the access price of the Model 3 by more than €10,000, a new increase is appearing, … Read more

What is the Renko indicator? Trading with Renko Charts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renko Charts Trading with the Renko indicator has advantages and some disadvantages. The advantages of the Renko indicator Among the advantages of this indicator are: Ease in highlighting trends, support and resistance levels in the stock market Simplicity in reading and visual identification of current trends and their weakening, as well … Read more

what will be the icons of tomorrow?

Will the electric car sector produce models that will become legendary over time? With the evolution of our relationship to the automobile, nothing is less certain. Porsche 911, Jaguar Type E, Ford Mustang, AC Cobra, Beetle, Mini, Fiat 500, Citroën 2hp and DS… So many names that probably ring for eternity in the ears of … Read more

What is a range in trading?

What is a range in trading? put it away is the channel, the corridor, in which the price of an asset evolves. Put another way, the range reflects the price range in which the price of a cryptocurrency fluctuates. To calculate the range, simply subtract the difference between the highest price and the lowest price … Read more