Censorship motions, 8th wave of covid-19, Elon Musk: midday update – France

Motions of censure: “There is no alternative majority”, warns Marleix

“Today, there is no alternative majority, unless Mrs. Le Pen wants to govern with Mr. Mélenchon”, estimated, on the set of “Télématin” on France 2, Olivier Marleix, boss of the LR deputies, predicting the failure of the motions of censure filed by the RN and the Nupes after the Executive’s recourse to 49.3. “The French have re-elected President Macron. Whatever the number of motions of censure that we will vote, it will not change anything, it is the president who has the responsibility to govern. Let him govern and then, we will see in a few months where we are, ”he added to justify the refusal of the LR deputies to vote for censorship. [Plus d’infos ici]

Covid-19: incidence rate stabilized at a high level

Last week, the incidence rate stabilized after five weeks of increase, at 577 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which represented almost 56,000 new cases on average each day. Nevertheless, it continued to increase, but less markedly, among 70-79 year olds (787/100,000, +8%), 80-89 year olds (790, +10%) and over 90 year olds (800, +10%), revealed Public Health France in its weekly bulletin. [Suivez notre direct]

Energy: EU agreement on a “roadmap” which remains to be rolled out

Overnight from Thursday to Friday, EU leaders agreed on a “roadmap” to put in place measures to stem soaring energy prices in the coming weeks . The 27, in particular, called for the “acceleration” of negotiations with “reliable” producer countries such as Norway and the United States, to “take advantage of the economic weight” of the EU, rather than competing on the world market at the risk of fueling price fever. They also asked for a specific plan for a “temporary” mechanism to cap the price of gas used to produce electricity. A system already in place in Spain and Portugal, and which France demanded to be extended to the whole of the EU. [Plus d’infos ici]

War in Ukraine: Zelensky accuses the Russians of having undermined a dam

Volodymyr Zelensky accused the Russians of having undermined the dam of a hydroelectric power station located in the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine, and under the control of Moscow forces. “According to our information, the aggregates and the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station were mined by Russian terrorists,” said the Ukrainian president in his daily address published on social networks. [Suivez notre direct]

Musk would part with 75% of Twitter employees if he bought the social network

(Odd Andersen/AFP)

Elon Musk, who could buy Twitter, would consider parting with 75% of the social network’s 7,500 employees, eventually keeping only around 2,000, according to documents consulted by the “Washington Post”. And if he finally did not buy it, the employees would not have more reason to rejoice: the “Washington Post” reveals in fact that the current management plans, in any case, to separate from at least less than a quarter of the staff. [Plus d’infos ici]

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