chaotic and late deliveries due to the port of charge

It looks like Tesla is experiencing a charging port shortage. The firm is thus displaying major difficulties in delivering its electric cars.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Tesla has managed to limit damage when it comes to shortages. But this is obviously no longer the case in this second quarter of 2022.

After some setbacks with the semiconductors, another electronic part is missing. It does indeed appear that Tesla struggles to have electronic control units (ECUs) for its charging ports.

The problem is that the firm continues to produce the cars but, for the past month, not all have this crucial part. Vehicles then land at local service centers, awaiting ECU.

When parts arrive at the factory, they fit directly into the models being manufactured. Which leaves some buyers waiting for their Tesla to be unusable.

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“My problem is that I have a vehicle with a VIN, which was last charged on April 19. It’s in a service center, exposed to the elements, with no date announced for the missing part, while Fremont (the Tesla factory, editor’s note) is pushing car manufacturing and has the parts in stock. »

“It looks like they forgot about our cars, and we’ve been waiting forever for when Tesla decides to send the parts. I pay for the vehicle, I put down a large deposit on April 28, and I have nothing in return. »

An increasingly delicate situation in France

The situation is less chaotic in France, without being easy for Tesla. Delivery times continue to fall behind.

Now, if you order Tesla Model 3 currently, you have to wait until the first quarter of 2023 for delivery. Only the Performance version has delivery dates in 2022, between September and November.

The Model Y, the electric SUV based on Model 3, is also on delivery for the end of the year. In the case of the high-end models, the Model S and the Model X, no date appears on the configurator.

The good news for people buying a Tesla in France lies in the realism of the brand. Contrary to its American procedures, it does not provide, here, for sales of missing parts.

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