China wants to bomb Elon Musk’s satellites – La Nouvelle Tribune

The Middle Kingdom has developed a weapon capable of harming the American billionaire’s constellation of satellites Elon Musk. Indeed, according to information from the Chinese media Asian Times, the Chinese armed forces have developed a tactic to neutralize several constellations of enemy satellites used to support military conflicts. This is a tactic implemented by the Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technologya research institute run by China’s security forces, which said it had developed a craft with the ability to assess the performance of anti-satellite nuclear weapons at various altitudes.

China reportedly plans to use these new weapons

Also according to the media, these nuclear weapons would be quite useful for the Chinese government, in order to destroy the constellation of satellites of Elon Musk. Asia Times also pointed out that the authorities saw the aid provided by the company star link of Elon Musk in the Ukrainian conflict alongside the forces of Kyiv. Thus, if the billionaire comes to the aid of Taiwan with its satellites, in the event of a Chinese invasion, China would have planned to use new weapons to destroy them. Note that the most recent simulation made by the research team proved that satellites can be destroyed with a 10 megaton warhead if it explodes at an altitude of 80 km.

According to Liu Linuclear physicist in charge of this project: “This explosion then transforms the air molecules into a pear-shaped cloud of radioactive particles that can cause malfunctions and damage to satellites”. As a reminder, a few days ago, the UNITED STATES accused China of wanting “undermining the justice system” American. This statement was made by Merrick GarlandMinister of Justice, on Monday 24 October. “The Department of Justice will not tolerate any attempt by any foreign power to undermine the rule of law on which our democracy is founded” had launched the American official.

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