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How do you take your dog on your travels when he can’t keep up? Go to Decathlon to discover this amazing product!

Do you love your dog, but it can’t go everywhere with you? And if the solution was at Decathlon? Experience this transporter that will provide you with a lot of service! We will explain everything to you…

Decathlon, a ready-to-wear brand like any other!

We no longer present the Decathlon brand to the general public. The equipment manufacturer is actually THE right address to know when you want to prepare yourself for a physical activity. But not only…

Because for a few years now, the sign has also worked in the footsteps of ready-to-wear brands by revealing his own outfits for everyday life. We are thinking, for example, of these trousers for less than 30 euros, to adopt all winter to go out in style.

Lately, fashionistas have also fallen for these totally trendy leggings that can do the trick for multiple occasions. Going to the gym, as in the office, will shape your legs in a beautiful way for a flawless result!

In fact, it is no longer necessary to play a sport today to come and have fun at Decathlon. The brand even created a buzz by becoming one of those preferred by rappers.

Take effect, Jul or Stavo do not hesitate to highlight the brand in their communication. Like Koba LaD, a tap dance/socks fan who likes to pair his Nike tracksuit with a Quechua jacket to upgrade his street look.

Decathlon has therefore earned its stripes as a fashionable brand that is recommended to come and dress to stay trendy. But the brand also sells equipment that can have other uses than in sports.

A cart validated by customers

We think of this perfect cargo bike for shopping in a greener way. Its Longtail format is ideal to load up on it. A real plus for those who want to do without their car.

Another product from the brand also knows how to be practical in its own way. This trolley is designed to facilitate the transport of your camping equipment is one of Decathlon’s flagship products.

Because transporting your gear can quickly become a pain, the brand has evolved this 84.6 liter trolley with a large capacity. Collapsible, it can be stored in the trunk of a car while waiting to be used.

Those who already own it have only positive opinions to attribute to it. “Great buy. Practical, solid, compact »thus signing a client on the Decathlon site.

Crush at Decathlon with this practical carrier to take your dog on a trip everywhere

Crush at Decathlon with this practical carrier to take your dog on a trip everywhere

Your dog will love it too

Has a strong 100% steel frame, this cart sold 90 euros at the sign may also have another use that no one had thought of before. The latter can actually be used as a stroller for … your dog!

Is Medore tired of walking? Is your puppy too young for long walks? So put your adorable dog in this trolley and continue your adventures with him! You will see, he will love it.

Easy to maintain thanks to its 100% polyester fabric, the textile part of this 70 x 41 x 55 cm stroller can be washed as often as you like. Thanks to its structure, it can carry a maximum load of 50 kg.

Its large wheels make it easy to move off-road. In short, with this stroller you can take your baby dog ​​or your tired old four-legged friend everywhere. A good idea when you love your animal.

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