Dead gulls contaminated with avian flu, two areas under surveillance in the Channel

Two gulls were found dead in Montmartin-sur-Mer (Manche). (©Sands newspaper)

two gulls have been found dead at Montmartin-sur-Merin the Channel, this Saturday, June 11, 2022. the avian influenza virus has been identified on birds. “Analytical results are pending to confirm the highly pathogenic nature of the virus revealed”, announces the Prefecture of La Manche in a press release.

State services point out, in passing, that “the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus, circulating in Europeis particularly contagious and pathogenic for the birds”. ” mortalities were observed in the Somme, the Pas-de-Calais then the Seine-Maritime since the middle of May. »

A decree adopted by the Prefect

Faced with the “rapid spread of the virus on the coast”, the Prefect therefore took ” an order aimed at limiting the spread of the virus and to prevent the appearance of outbreaks on farms”. “A temporary control zone has been defined for a minimum of 21 days”in the territory where the corpses of the gulls were found.

Several measures are applicable in these temporary control zones (ZCT):

  • All poultry, including backyard poultry, as well as any other captive bird, must be kept permanently inside buildings or under a net;
  • No live poultry and captive birds should be taken out of farms, commercial or non-commercial. Derogations will be possible, after agreement from the departmental directorate for the protection of populations (DDPP) of the Channel, mainly in the context of a direct transfer to a slaughterhouse;
  • The movement of people, pets and vehicles within farms (commercial or not) must be limited to what is strictly necessary;
  • The direct sale at the farm of slaughtered poultry and its products is prohibited. Farmers can, however, pursue their commercial activity by selling directly to consumers in local open-air markets;
  • During the maintenance period of this ZCT, increased monitoring of the avifauna will be carried out;
  • Finally, you are asked to avoid all contact with wild birds.

Advice and prohibitions for owners

The ZCT may be lifted after a period of 21 days, only if “no suggestive sign of avian influenza is detected in the farms” and “if no new case occurs in wildlife”.

“Any detection of a new case may lead to modifying the perimeter of the ZCT and the resulting measures. »

Prefect of the Channel

In addition, owners or holders of poultry or captive birds present in a ZCT are invited to shelter their animals kept or isolated by nets from any contact with wild birds. They must avoid watering and feeding the birds and poultry inside the buildings, prevent them from having access to a water point unless it is under a net.


These same owners are also encouraged to use dedicated footwear and clothing “to access the part of the farm where the poultry is kept”. And finally :

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“Monitor the birds daily and, if necessary, immediately report to a veterinarian any abnormal behavior or any sign of illness in the latter”.

The prefect of La Manche “calls for the vigilance of all actors, in particular breeders, bird keepers (farmyards, farms, callers, etc.) and veterinarians, in order to do everything possible to limit the spread of this virus. This requires flawless application of biosecurity measures.”

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