Despite the handbrake, his Tesla begins to slide on the road and hits a police car

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After parking his car in front of his home, this man was far from imagining what would happen next. Because yes, just a few seconds later, the Tesla starts sliding and going downhill. It must be said that the conditions are extreme.

It seems to be very cold and the road is completely icy. In addition, the street in question is on a slope, so it is difficult to hope to park like that, on such a smooth surface, without having problems.

And it doesn’t miss. The electric sedan therefore slides despite its handbrake, and a few meters below holds a police SUV. He does not slide this way, as the police intend to put two wheels on a non-icy part.

As a result, the Tesla hits the vehicle slightly before continuing its small slide. Nothing bad, and no injuries to report, although we can hear another collision a few seconds later.


The road is completely frozen. Impossible to stop there on the way down. The owner and driver of this Tesla experienced it. Unfortunately for him, the first car to connect is none other than a police car.

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