Did Elon Musk deactivate his ex Amber Heard’s Twitter account?

For the past few days, several fans of Amber Heard have noticed the disappearance of her Twitter account, visibly deactivated. Only, this disappearance shortly follows the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, whose former relationship with the actress is no secret to anyone.

Internet users then question the possibility of a deliberate act on the part of the billionaire who would then take revenge for his breakup with Amber Heard.

May 2016, a relationship that begins

It was in May 2016 that Elon Musk confirmed to the press, through People magazine, his relationship with Amber Heard.

However, in 2018, the two celebrities separated, despite “a magnificent relationship”, according to the actress. She said at the time that she had “huge respect” for him: “Elon and I had a great relationship, and we have a great friendship now, a relationship that was based on our core values. Intellectual curiosity, ideas and conversation, a shared love for science. We’ve come together on a lot of things that match who I am on the inside.

Despite these glowing words, the actress disappeared from the platform bought by her ex.

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