Faced with the cold of winter, dogs can also be uncomfortable and even sick. That is why it will be necessary to take some precautions and in certain cases to return them to the house.

Dogs face the cold, the factors to consider

You should know that all dogs do not have the same resistance to cold. Take effect, a sick, old or even very young animal cannot stay outside in winter because of the coldespecially at night. The same applies to small breeds with short or closely cropped hair. like the chihuahua, bulldog or jack russell. The latter would also have difficulty staying outside, even if they have a kennel.

According to veterinarian Hélène Gateau, the breeds that are best suited for outdoor life are Labradors, hunting dogs and Bernese Mountain Dogs. These are indeed dogs that tolerate the cold well. However, they still lack a place to shelter.

In addition, according to the vet, an animal that lives outdoors gradually adapts to changes in temperature. Additionally, his coat would change with the seasons. However, the dog will need more food because adaptation to low temperatures requires a lot of energy.

The importance of an appropriate niche

Although large dogs can stay outside, it is still important to respect a condition to ensure the animal’s well-being. Thereby, it must first have a niche in which it can shelter. Next, it is important that it is well equipped with plaids for its comfort and that it is well protected from the wind. Finally, the interior must be insulated from the cold of the earth, so that the animal can get a minimum of heat.

In addition, to properly insulate a niche, it is recommended to place the opening in the opposite direction of the wind. In addition, it is essential to raise the niche with a pallet or similar. This will prevent it from being in direct contact with the ground. The latter is effectively a conductor of cold and moisture.

If the weather conditions are really bad, you will have to take your dog home to prevent him from getting sick. In the worst case, you should leave it sheltered in the garage.