Drinking alcohol, eating fat… False good ideas to cope with the cold

Faced with falling temperatures, drinking alcohol to warm up is a bad idea. Alcoholic drinks give the body the feeling that it is warming up, without this actually being the case. BFMTV.com takes stock of these fake good ideas in the face of freezing cold.

Winter has truly arrived in France. With maximum temperatures between 1 and 5°C in the northern half of the country on Monday, the cold will be felt. To deal with it, certain gestures, based on received ideas, must be avoided. Here is a non-exhaustive list.

• Drinking alcohol

You might think that drinking alcohol helps to warm up, but it doesn’t. From the Quebec government to France’s public health, everyone advises avoiding alcoholic beverages during periods of extreme cold. In fact, “after drinking, you feel an impression of heat, which is due to an expansion of the blood vessels of the skin”, but “this impression is misleading because it is actually accompanied by a loss of heat”, explains the Alcool-info -service.fr website.

Drinking alcohol when it’s cold can even be dangerous, Drinkaware points out. This British Alcohol Awareness Association notes on its website that “alcohol can impair our ability to make decisions, which can lead us to take risks that we would not take sober”.

For example, Drinkaware mentions: “Making the decision to walk home without a jacket while it’s snowing can lead to a dramatic drop in body temperature and therefore hypothermia”.

• Eat fat

If winter is synonymous with a lot of raclette and fondue, these dishes are not necessary to avoid the feeling of cold. “The cold can cause additional energy consumption”, explained at the beginning of December to BFMTV.com Florence Foucault, dietitian nutritionist, but for us “the loss is less, we have clothes which allow us to be well protected”, and therefore you don’t really need a calorie surplus.

Eating richer in winter to protect yourself, “it was true in ancient times when you didn’t have insulation and heat inside, or not enough warm clothes”, added Patrick Serog, medical nutritionist.

Make a cure vitamin Dwhose contribution mainly depends on exposure to the sun, may however be a good idea in winter.

The national health security agency, ANSES, points out on his side to vitamin D “plays an essential role in the quality of bone and muscle tissue as well as in strengthening our immune system”, but that “the majority of French people do not consume enough”.

• Overheating of your home

Overheating your apartment is another mistake to avoid in winter, according to Public Health France. If you want to keep the heat in your home at all costs, this can lead to you not ventilating your rooms enough or using unsuitable appliances (stove, brazier, grill, etc.)

This creates the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is responsible hundred deaths a year in Franceaccording to the Ministry of Health.

The health insurance therefore recommends keeping the apartment’s ambient temperature around 19°C, while the heating bill can rise very high this year.

The owner of an overheated apartment also exposes himself to fines, which can be handed down by a judge, which his tenant seizes.

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