Driving a Tesla Model 3 for less than €400/month is possible: what you need to know

Despite the recent price increase at Tesla and the decrease in the bonus for the basic Model 3, it is still possible to have a Model 3 for less than 400 €/month. On the other hand, the contribution will be more substantial than before.

Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Last year, around 162,000 electric cars were sold in France, with an astonishing podium since, for the first time, it was not the Renault Zoé which was at the top of sales. Last year, the podium of electric cars sold in France was made up of the Peugeot e-208 in third position with 17,858 registrations, behind the Renault Zoé (23,573) and the Tesla Model 3 (24,911).

A record year for the compact sedan, which benefited from a very attractive price thanks to the bonus of 7,000 euros at the start of the year, then 6,000 euros since mid-2021. Thus, in January 2021, for an entry-level Model 3, bonus deducted, the price started at 36,800 euros. Today, the base rate is 47,990 euros, bonus of 2,000 euros deducted. It’s clearly not the same budget anymore, but thanks to financing, it is possible to bring down this Model 3 at more affordable rents… if you are able to have a good down payment.

Your sales advisor has surely already praised the financing he offers, particularly in LLD or LOA: long-term rental and rental with option to buy. To differentiate the two, it’s simple: you “rent” the car in both cases for a period of time defined when signing the rental contract.


The difference between these two rental offers comes at the end of the contract, after 3, 4 or 5 years. With the LOA (rental with option to buy), you will have the choice between exercising the option to buy (previously defined when signing the contract) or returning the vehicle. The LLD (long-term rental) does not include a purchase option at the end of the contract. In other words, you return the car.

This is why, within this section, we offer you a breakdown of the offers of the moment. We are going to take a closer look at the conditions to be met and whether, economically speaking, this financing can be suitable for the use you will have of the vehicle.

And today, after having deciphered the offer of the Škoda Enyaq iV available from €299/month, that of the Kia EV6 from €297/month, the MG ZS EV at €99/month, the Peugeot e -208 to 149 €/month, Renault Mégane E-Tech at 248 €/month, Volkswagen ID.3 at 229 €/month, Renault Twingo E-Tech at 79 €/month, it’s now the turn of the Tesla Model 3 for less than 400 € / month.

Which model of Tesla Model 3 is offered for less than €400/month?

At Tesla, there is no need to look in the “promo” tab as with other manufacturers, since the brand does not make any. Thus, to arrive at the desired monthly payments (or not for that matter), you have to “play” in a way with the financing simulator indexed to the car. A very well done simulator, by the way.

To arrive at the lowest prices, we took the basic Tesla Model 3 of course. As usual, the brand does not communicate on the capacity of the battery and the power of the motor. A quick search on the internet can find this data. The battery has a capacity of approximately 60 kWh for a range of 491 km according to the WLTP cycle. The engine, positioned at the rear axle, develops around 286 hp and 450 Nm of torque.

In terms of colors, as the financing offer is not compartmentalized by a specific price, we are free to choose the color and the rims. However, we went with the free “Blanc Nacré Multicouches” color, the black interior and the 18-inch “Aero” rims. As far as standard equipment is concerned, the car is very well equipped:

  • WIFI hotspot
  • Touchscreen
  • Map GPS
  • Bluetooth hands-free kit
  • USB plug
  • Connected services
  • Voice control system
  • Keyless access system
  • 360° panoramic view camera
  • Chrome glazing belt
  • LED headlights
  • Front and rear parking radar
  • Heated and electric mirrors
  • Electrochromic exterior mirrors
  • Electrically folding mirrors
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • Electric steering column
  • Heated and electric driver and passenger seat
  • Heated rear seats
  • Insulated glazing
  • Tinted glass
  • Heated steering wheel
  • ABS
  • Driver airbag
  • Passenger airbag
  • Front side airbags
  • Curtain airbags
  • Electronic immobilizer
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • ESP
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Collision avoidance system

What are the conditions to be eligible for financing a Tesla Model 3?

There are no special conditions knowing that it is up to you to modulate the conditions. To achieve less than €400/month and not literally explode the contribution, we are going for 10,000 km per year and an LOA over 60 months.


On the home page of the Model 3 configurator, Tesla indicates that financing can start from €372.79/month. The contribution is 11,900 euros to achieve this monthly payment, from which you must then withdraw the 2,000 euros of ecological bonus. In the end, the contribution falls to 9,900 euros.

How much will your Tesla Model 3 cost you less than €400/month

Starting from the base rent above, over 60 months of rental and with the first rent increased, your Tesla Model 3 will cost you 31,894.6 euros. Tesla displays its Model 3 from 49,990 euros on its site, ecological bonus of 2,000 euros not deducted. This ultimately gives us a car displayed at the list price of 47,990 euros.

Starting from this price, you will therefore pay, over five years, 66.4% of the price of your car. You will therefore have two options from then on: return the car or pay the purchase option so that the Model 3 belongs to you permanently. In the case of this financing, the purchase option amounts to 21,496 euros.

By adding the rents paid, the contribution and the purchase option, if it is exercised, the cost price of your Model 3 amounts to 53,390 euros. Please note, on Tesla’s financing simulator, the total cost will be displayed at 55,390 euros, for the simple reason that the 2,000 euros of contribution are not directly withdrawn from the contribution.

What are the advantages of the Tesla Model 3 LOA?

A top-of-the-range, high-performance car with more than enough autonomy for versatile use, all with a very dense fast-charging network, for less than €400/month? You do not necessarily find better on the market today, the direct competitors of the American, such as the BMW i4 in particular, are displayed at much higher prices.

In the current context, where gasoline prices are breaking records, the savings made at the pump are not negligible, the price per kWh being much lower than that of unleaded or diesel.

As this is not a compartmentalized offer, you can modify your financing at your convenience, by increasing the prescribed mileage for example, by increasing or decreasing the contribution, or by managing your rental period. This will also determine the call option at the end.

What are the disadvantages of the Tesla Model 3 LOA?

The contribution will obviously be the brake for many customers with regard to our financing at less than €400/month, as will the mileage, a Tesla Model 3 being regularly the first vehicle in the household.

The other drawback, and which we did not necessarily see coming, are the delays at Tesla. With the shortage of semiconductors, the war in Ukraine and the explosion in demand, the brand had to review its delivery times. Thus, for a Model 3 Propulsion like the one that interests us, for an order placed today, you will have to wait until February 2023. This is enough to discourage many customers, but it’s about the same with all the other manufacturers. right now.

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