Elon Musk and Volodymyr Zelensky face off on Twitter

A virtual duel between billionaire Elon Musk and President Volodymyr Zelensky over the war in Ukraine broke out on Twitter on Monday, bringing in other Ukrainian dignitaries.

The SpaceX founder set things on fire by polling his Twitter followers on whether or not they were in favor of handing over Crimea to Russia and “neutral status” for Ukraine.

Seen as an affront, the business magnate’s proposal in kyiv and Moscow echoed new referendums under UN supervision.

The olive branch stretched out by Musk was quick to be castigated by the Ukrainian head of state, who hit back at Tesla’s CEO with another poll asking users about “what Elon Musk [préféraient-ils], the one who supports Ukraine or the one who supports Russia? »

The entrepreneur also drew the wrath of the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andriï Melnyk, who retorted: “My very diplomatic response is to fuck you. »

Presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak reacted to the controversy by submitting “a better peace plan” with the “liberation of its territories by Ukraine, including annexed Crimea”, a “demilitarization and denuclearization mandatory” of Russia and a trial before the International Court of Justice for “war criminals”.

Musk defended himself against his critics by citing the risk of a possible wider Russian mobilization, with the shadow of “all-out war” hovering and leading to “a devastating death toll on both sides”.

“A Ukrainian victory is unlikely in an all-out war. If you care about the Ukrainian people, seek peace,” he argued.

This climate of animosity comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has decreed a “partial” mobilization and threatened to resort to nuclear weapons in reaction to the recent breakthroughs of the Ukrainian army, asks kyiv to ” cease hostilities” and calls for talks.

President Zelensky has maintained a hard line, saying kyiv will not negotiate with Moscow as long as Vladimir Putin is Russia’s head of state.

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