Elon Musk assures him, “no other CEO is as concerned about security as I am”

Elon Musk assures him, there is no other CEO in the world more concerned with security than him. In any case, this is what the billionaire said in an interview with the Financial Times. An assertion tinged with impertinence for some, especially at a time when the American authorities are actively investigating the safety of the brand’s vehicles, and in particular the Autopilot.

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Elon Musk, or the Technoking as he wishes to be called now, has just given a new interview to our colleagues from the Financial Times. The billionaire, who has just been named 2021 Times Person of the Year for his commitment to ecology and space exploration, took advantage of this interview to come back to the recent controversies surrounding the safety of Tesla vehicles.

Indeed, the NHTSA, the American federal agency in charge of traffic safety, opened an investigation into the safety of Autopilot after several road accidents where the technology was involved. During this interview, Elon Musk said that he did not deceive or endanger Tesla owners with driver assistance software such as Autopilot or FSD (for Full Self Driving).

Read what is written when you order a Tesla. Read what is said when you turn it on. It is very, very clear”, he assures. The billionaire here refers to Tesla’s policy regarding self-driving systems. Indeed, users must be able to regain control of their vehicle at any time, as current technologies do not make it possible to do without human supervision.

Elon Musk is the CEO most concerned with security, he assures

In fact, acting like this unconscious by putting his dog behind the wheel of his Model X is not at all approved by Tesla. Elon Musk then took the opportunity to point to Tesla’s high safety ratings and NASA’s use of SpaceX rockets to send its astronauts into space as proof of the company’s safety expertise.

I don’t think there’s a CEO on this planet who cares more about security than me”, he boasted to the Financial Times. A statement that may scandalize some, at a time when problems with Tesla vehicles are increasing. As said above, Autopilot is at the center of the attention of the American authoritieswhile a recent New York Times investigation proved that some Tesla Arcade games work even if the car is running.

More recently, the serious accident in Paris involving a Tesla Model 3 from the G7 taxi company raises further concerns. If the manufacturer has swept away any possibility of a technical failure, it is not the version of the driver who swears that the brake and accelerator pedals no longer responded. The official investigation carried out by the Paris prosecutor’s office will be responsible for shedding light on the causes of this accident, which nevertheless cost the life of a person.

Source: Financial Times

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