Elon Musk beaten by a Frenchman on Twitter

Credit: Illustrations Pixabay

This Monday, November 7, the Frenchman Arkunir beat the new owner of Twitter on his own platform by making a “ratio” on one of his messages. Touched in his ego, the billionaire deleted his tweet, which did not prevent the Frenchman from starting again a second time.

Elon Musk has been talked about a lot since he bought the social network Twitter from $44 billion end of October. But since Monday, November 7, an Internet user has stolen the show: it is a Frenchman and Angevin known under the name of Arkunir on the social platform.

How did he do it? He simply replied to a message from Elon Musk and did what is called a “ratio”. This term is about getting a higher number of likes than the original post.

The billionaire had posted the following tweet: “What do you call someone who is the master of provocation?”. What the 20-year-old Internet user replied: “I don’t know but call it a ratio”. Within minutes, the number of likes on Arkunir’s comment soared to beat that of the Tesla owner, who deleted his own post without giving an explanation.

round two

The French savored his victory which was even relayed in the television news of M6. But he didn’t stop there.

Elon Musk, who lost the battle but not the war, still continued to publish on his social network without addressing the Angevin. This Tuesday, November 8, he publishes: “Twitter is the worst! But also the best.”. In response, Arkunir comments: “Where are you going? Take that ratio back and don’t delete this time”.

Again, the young user manages to gather more likes than the billionaire in a few minutes. The latter has still not spoken on the case.


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