Elon Musk fans build a strange statue of him and prepare to deliver it to him

tribute – This statue of more than 10 meters long must be delivered at the end of November to the billionaire in a Tesla factory in Austin, in the United States

Fans of Elon Musk had an original idea to say the least: make a statue in his likeness. The work thus takes on the face of the billionaire entrepreneur, with the body of a goat riding a rocket, report our colleagues from BFMTV.

If supporters of the whimsical CEO of Tesla, Space X and Twitter have decided to represent him with a goat’s body, it is because goat translates to “goat” in English, which is also the acronym for “greatest of all time” (“best of all time”). The structure of more than 10 meters long is made of aluminum. It was commissioned from Canadian artist Kevin Stone by cryptocurrency company Elon Goat Token ($EGT).

Delivery scheduled for November 26

“Since its completion, $EGT has toured several US states and will now deliver this gift to Elon at Tesla’s Giga factory in Austin,” company officials explained.

The funding for this statue of Elon Musk was made by levying a tax on each cryptocurrency transaction. The delivery of the work, which can throw fire, let out smoke, play music or even light up, is scheduled for November 26(…) Read more at 20minutes

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