Elon Musk films his arrival at Twitter headquarters carrying a sink

While waiting to finalize the takeover of Twitter by Friday, Elon Musk filmed his arrival at the company’s headquarters. Hilarious, he walked through the doors with a sink in his arms to make a joke about the word “sink” which means sink in English.

Elon Musk only has a few hours left to complete the takeover of Twitter. The two parties must sign an agreement by Friday at 11 p.m. French time, precisely. In the meantime, the American billionaire is having fun with the situation. He filmed his arrival at Twitter headquarters with a washbasin in the arms.

Elon Musk arrives at Twitter headquarters with a sink © @elonmusk/Twitter

Twitter employees had been informed that Elon Musk would visit the headquarters this week. Leslie Berland who is the director of marketing and responsible for the personnel of Twitter had indeed sent them an email explaining that: Elon is in the San Francisco office this week meeting people, walking the halls, and continuing to dive into the important work you all do. If you’re in San Francisco and see it, say hello! For everyone else, this is just the start of many meetings and conversations with Elon, and you’ll all hear directly from him on Friday. “.

Elon Musk renames himself ‘Chief Twit’ on Twitter

Elon Musk posted the video of his arrival at headquarters on Twitter, completely hilarious. He plays on the word sink which means sink in English. He uses this word in the English expression “let that sink in” which could be translated as “take the time to think about it”. It is for this reason that he entered with a sink in his arms.

In any case, Elon Musk seems delighted to soon acquire Twitter, even if his plan to lay off 75% of employees has been very badly received. Several employees have even sent him an open letter in which they warn him that a massive dismissal would be “irresponsible”. He offered to buy the network for $54.20 per share, which is about $44 billion in total.

Besides, Elon Musk also changed his Twitter biography to rename himself “Chief Twit”. He also promised that the deal will be done by Friday. According to Bloomberg, the banks providing $13 billion in debt financing signed the documents this week. In the meantime, the CEO of Tesla is staying with “a friend in Silicon Valley”.

Source: Business Insider

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