Elon Musk fired notification makers, now they don’t work

Reports of Twitter members having problems with their notifications are becoming more frequent. They claim that no message is displayed there.

Twitter logo on a smartphone and Elon Musk in the background / Credit: 123RF

Not everyone is affected by this service interruption. This may be normal for members just reading their thread. It is less when it comes to an account followed by millions of users. ” I can’t wait for someone to mention me ! One of the founders of Twitter, Biz Stone, posted this sarcastic message to highlight the issue.

Its notification section is completely blank and shows “Nothing to see here. For now”. He is followed by 2.6 million followersin other words, the hypothesis of a total absence of messages is highly unlikely for such an influential member of society.

Technical problems pile up for Twitter, Elon Musk fired too many engineers

Twitter doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue yet, and the company does not respond to inquiries from journalists. That’s because the anecdote is embarrassing. Since Elon Musk took over the reins of the social network, he has made unfortunate decisions and broken everything he touches. It changes the copyright system: entire films end up on the platform. He tries to establish a paid verification system: trolls and hackers proliferate on the service. Many observers say that Twitter would not have all these technical problems if the all-powerful CEO had not fired half of the employees. The destroyed messages would be just the latest example of the Canadian businessman’s inconsistency.

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Twitter Spaces, the feature that allows you to start audio conversations, has also been down for almost a week. The company remains silent on this subject because it is rumored that the engineers responsible for this service left one of the already numerous waves of layoffs initiated by Elon Musk. Remember that Twitter has lost more than half of its employees. From engineering to human resources to commercial service, all departments in the company are affected at these brutal departures. In this context, as we can imagine, Twitter’s backlash is far from over, and many stories about the platform’s malfunctions should emerge in the coming weeks.

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